Check out the clamshell wonder, the LG GB125 in this review here and take a look at this handsetís price, features and technical specifications.

Mobile Phones: LG: LG GB125

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LG GB125

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The LG GB125 is a refreshing slant at basic phone design. It sports a clamshell form factor and stylish looks. It also packs in features appropriate for its price. With this phone users will get what they pay for- nothing more, nothing less.

Design and Looks
The LG GB125 is currently the only basic folder phone from the South Korean manufacturer. Those of you that do not like the other lower-end GB phones for want of style will surely appreciate this one. The GB125 sports a slightly different design when compared with other folder phones. For one, the top chassis of the clamshell is not flush with the bottom of the handset because the hinge is curved like a hook. At the front and back, the slider features etched plastic panels. The phone has an LED display indicator on the front that can be likened to a secondary screen. It displays details like call, message, alarm and battery. Like most sliders, we get the distinct impression that what's to follow is just as good as the aesthetics on the outside.

But on opening the slider we are treated to a disappointing 1.5Ē CSTN screen- the same we are used to seeing on most clamshell phones. However, the small size of the screen is hidden well because of the compact, unique design of the top half of the folder. At the bottom are naturally the D-pad controls and the alphanumeric keypad. Like on most folder phones, the keypad of the GB125 is flat but is sufficiently terraced to offer good touch orientation. It is however made of hard plastic and offers poor finger feedback.

Apart from the regular Java apps, the phone features an FM radio with an inbuilt antenna. There is also a way to lock particular applications from the prying eyes of strangers and un-trust worthy people. The phone also has another security feature which is the Anti-theft Mobile Tracker; if the phone gets stolen, the user will be informed of the thief's triangulated location and phone number. The details will be sent via SMS to two user defined numbers. Finally, the phone is GPRS enabled which can be used to access the Email 2 SMS feature which lets users send SMS messages via email.

To conclude, the LG GB125 is a phone that combines style with basic phone functionality. Added features like GPRS, wireless FM radio, application lock and call reject are also things to look out for.

  • Stylish clamshell design
  • Secondary LED display indicator for call, message, alarm and battery
  • Wireless FM radio
  • Speakerphone
  • GPRS connectivity
  • Anti-theft Mobile Tracker
  • Call Reject feature with two filtering list
  • Dual language Hindi/English support
LG GB125 LG GB125 Mobile
LG GB125 Cell Phone LG GB125 Phone

LG GB125 Price India
Price:Rs. 2,399
Warranty (years): 1
Color Options:Black and Cream

Technical Specifications of LG GB125
Overview Body Type Clamshell
Battery Life/Talk time 10.0 Hours
Standby Talktime 600 Hours
Dimensions Width 47 mm
Depth 20 mm
Length 87 mm
Weight 78 g
Camera Camera NO
Secondary Camera NA
Camera Resolution N/A
Camera Flash N/A
Auto Focus NA
Display Display Size 1.5 inches
Display Resolution 128 x 128 pixels
Dispaly Type CSTN
Colours 65K
Memory Internal Memory 300 phonebook entries
Card Slot NO
Complimentary Card N/A
Expandable Memory N/A
Multimedia Features FM Radio Yes
MP3 Player NO
Connectivity Options Wi-Fi NO
Bluetooth NO
Infrared NO
USB Connector NO
Technology Cellular Network GSM
SIM Type Single SIM
Operating System Operating System Java based UI
Features Input Type Alphanumeric Keypad
Handsfree Speaker Yes
Flight Mode Yes
Inbulit Dictaphone NO
Flashlight Yes
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