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LG Camera Phones

LG KP175 Dynamite
LG KP175 Dynamite(VGA, 0.3 MP)
The LG KP175 Dynamite is a basic phone with refreshing looks. Follow the link for a quick review of this phone and to know more about its features, price and technical specifications.
LG KP199 Dynamite
LG KP199 Dynamite(VGA, 0.3 MP)
Check out the unpretentious phone from LG, the KP199 Dynamite, in this review here. Take a peek at its features, technical specs and price while you’re at it.
LG KP220 Dynamite
LG KP220 Dynamite(1.3 MP)
Follow this link for to know more about the technical specs, features, price and review of the LG KP220 Dynamite.
LG KP265 Dynamite
LG KP265 Dynamite(1.3 MP)
Check out the stylish LG KP265 Dynamite here and have a look at its features, price and technical specifications.
LG KP320
LG KP320 (3.15 MP)
LG KP500 Cookie
LG KP500 Cookie (3.15 MP)
LG KS360
LG KS360 (2 MP)
LG KS660
LG KS660 (5 MP)
LG LU2300
LG LU2300 (5 MP)

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