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LG Camera Phones

LG  T500
LG T500(2 MP)
LG T500 is a phone that gives its user an elegant feel,with many high tech features. Read on more to know about the price, latest features and technical specifications.
LG 6210 CDMA(VGA, 0.3 MP)
LG 6210 CDMA is a stylish CDMA multimedia phone offered at an affordable price. Read on to know about the latest reviews, features, specifications and the price in India for this mobile phone.
LG 6300(2 MP)
LG 6300 is a multi-sim CDMA phone packed with excellent performance multimedia features and applications. Read further for the latest reviews, features, specifications, and the price in India of this mobile phone.
LG 6400
LG 6400(1.3 MP)
LG 6400 is a CDMA mobile phone packed with complete set of multimedia features. Read on to see the review and know about the latest features, specifications and price in India.
LG A165
LG A165 (VGA, 0.3 MP)
LG A230
LG A230 (1.3 MP)
LG A350
LG A350 (1.3 MP)
LG C105
LG C105 (1.3 MP)
LG C375
LG C375 (2 MP)

LG Cookie Joy (1.3 MP)

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